Re-imagining school as a shared multi-generational space for learning, work and play.

The Team


The team



Nikki O'Rourke

I was fortunate to begin my teaching career at an amazing primary school, with a head who had a very strong belief in child-centred, play-based learning. On leaving the school, I learnt how very shielded we were from policy pressures – even more insulated as I was working primarily in the Foundation Stage. Experiencing these pressures made me start to question the current approach to education. My Masters in Early Childhood Education raised even more concerns. Having discovered the many amazing schools, both in the UK and abroad, that were challenging the status quo, I was frustrated by the lack of choice offered when I had my own children. To address this, I developed a proposal to open a Free School which later began my journey to home education and, in turn, the birth of Curiouser & Co.


Amy Doust

Forever I've been passionate about education. Why we educate, how we educate and why it doesn't always work when we get children into schools. The world is changing. Fast. And the current system of schooling is outdated. When I had children, this became even more apparent and imperative. These energetic beings are wired to learn and love learning. How can we harness and nurture this so that all children have a truly personalised and meaningful education? How we can support our children to be ready for a world that demands adaptability, creativity, innovation? Answering this means turning schools inside out and radicalising how we learn. I am massively excited to be founding a new space with Nikki which re-visions what we mean by and want from learning, work and play.

“Nikki and Amy are some of the most motivated and passionate people I have ever met and are organising amazing sessions. We are blessed to have been chosen to be involved.
The sessions are super clever, diverse, enticing and fun and they provide the best environment to learn. The energy and the vibe is always awesome, positive and inclusive and I don't think anyone could do a better job then Nikki and Amy. We totally love this initiative and can't wait to do more!”