Re-imagining school as a shared multi-generational space for learning, work and play.




We are delighted to be working in partnership with London's Institute of Imagination, whose fantastic Imagination Lab 2.0 at The Workshop on London's Albert Embankment has allowed us to launch our pilots. The Lab is a brilliantly resourced, open plan flexible space with a huge break out hall space. It has allowed us to bring our community together over the course of our pilots and to evidence the effect on children of consistency of space and community. Over the coming year, we will develop our partnership with the Institute of Imagination as we build towards our vision of a permanent home for our multi-generational learning community.


MAths Explorers

We were very lucky to work with Maths Explorers at our second pilot. They encourage a love and the discovery of the beauty and fun in maths. They draw children into the wonder of maths, encouraging them to ask questions, think freely without being rushed into a 'right' or 'wrong' answer, and allow the children and adults to lead their exploration through self-discovery and their own creative ideas. They favour an inter-disciplinary approach to Maths, drawing on art, storytelling, games, music, tinkering and the sciences to enrich and widen our experience.